What we offer

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • Underground constructions design methods and building technologies theoretical principles;
  • Rational adoption methods for layer (bedded) and vessel type (lode) deposits;
  • Underground constructions explosion effect protection systems;
  • Investigation of mining enterprises environmental problems and ways of their solution;
  • Advanced technologies for open cast mining carrying out;
  • Formation of new ecologically friendly industrial explosives;
  • Pipe-line hydro-transportation systems, safe and reliable operation complex events, pipeline electricity transportation system transient regimes;
  • The ropeway transportation means, lifting transport devices and mechanisms

Bimetallic Electrical Contacts

Design and Calculation of Rope-rod Structures on the Basis of Discrete Model

Development of the Cable Evacuation Device Equipped With the Automation Adjustment System of Speed Admission

Elaboration of the methods and computer programs for designing of underground structure on „Limiting States of Service Ability“

Modeling of composite rod bodies using the finite element method

New Type Containers for Radioactive Waste

New Type Industrial Explosive

Polymeric Composite on the Basis of Hybrid Fibers

System for Protecting People from Accidental and Terrorist Explosions in Underground Structures