Publications 2022
Publicatiopns 2021

S.Kvinikadze, L.Kirtadze, A.Vanishvili, D.Tsverava, S.Steriakova, G.Abashidze

Obtaining polymer matrix to create biodegradable composites. "Mining Journal" N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp:90-94;

G.Nozadze, D.Pataraia, T.Kobidze, R.Maisuradze, L.Tavlalashvili, G.Akhvlediani

Georgian modern park of ropeway and analysis of European safety experience. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.68-74;

M.Nadirashvili, T.Iashvili, G.Tkhelidze, G.Beinashvili, N.Abesadze

Novelty in the method of Picric acid synthesis. Mining Journal", N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp. 62-68;

E.Chagelishvili, B.Godibadze, T.Namicheishvili, A.Dgebuadze, A.Tutberidze, M.Tutberidze

Explosion welding of steel sheets of different hardness. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.56-62; 

E.Mataradze, M.Chikhradze, N.Bochorishvili, I.Akhvlediani, K.Tavlalashvili, D.Tatishvili, Z.Malvenishvili

Perfection of methods for protecting from accidental and terrorist explosions. Mining Journal, №1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp. 49-56;

L.Makharadze, S.Steriakova, Sh.Naskidashvili

Technological scheme of intermediate pumping station of a multi-step main hydrotransport system. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.45-49;

M.Gamtsemlidze, R.Enageli, D.Talakhadze, A.Shekiladze, I.Samkharadze, M.Tutberidze

Investigation of the crushing process of polymetallic ores for automatic control. Mining Journal, N1(34), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.40-45;

A.Shekiladze, O.Kavtelashvili, M.Bagnashvili, I.Samkharadze, D.Mshvildadze, S.Maglakelidze

Investigation of gold type pigment raw material of Nagomari deposit on enrichability for obtaining a finished product. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.36-40;


Suppressing dust generazed into the atmosphere of the pit with the help of sprayed water. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.16-21;

L.Japaridze, T.Gobejishvili, M.Losaberidze, S.Demetrashvili

Establishment of the stability coefficient of landslide hazardous blocks of consequential type under the combined influence of gravitational and seismic forces. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.7-16; 

S.Steriakova, L.Leluashvili, T.Rigishvili, G.Leluashvili

Anode Earther working oxidizing and reducing mode. Mining Journal, N1(44), Tbilisi, 2021. pp.74-77.

Publications 2020

N. Chikhradze, G. Abashidze, D.Tsverava, S.kvinikadze, L.Kirtadze.

“Assessment of Impact and Ballistic Resistance of Some Types of Organoplastics”, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 609. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/609/1/012100;

E. Mataradze, M.Chikhradze, K. Tavlalashvili, I. Akhvlediani, N. Bochorishvili, D. Tatishvili, Z. Malvenishvili.

“Experimental Study of the Shock Wave Attenuation in the Water Mist with Air Gaps”. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 609. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/609/1/012099 IOP Publishing;

N. Bochorishvili, N. Chikhradze

“Study of the explosive properties of a hybrid mixture of methane and coal dust”. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 609;

M. Gamtsemlidze, R. Enageli, D.Talakhadze, A. Shekiladze,  M. Tutberidze.

 “The Method for Preliminary Enrichment of Gold-Containing Ore”. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 609. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/609/1/012034;

O. Lanchava, N. Ilias, G. Nozadze.

”Numerical simulation of air flow in short metro ventilation shafts caused by a piston effect”., MATEC Web of Conferences 305, 00050, # 305, p. 7. (2020);

O. Lanchava, N. Ilias.

”Critical velocity analysis for safety management in case of tunnel fire”., MATEC Web of Conferences 305, 00023 (2020). #305, p. 7;

O. Lanchava, N. Ilias.

”Calculation of railway tunnels ventilation”., Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation, Volume 5, Issue 1 / 2020, pp. 69-86;

L.Japaridze, P.Noiman, P.Trapaidze

"A Case Study of the Slope Stability after Large Landslide in the 2015 Flood in Tbilisi", BULLETIN OF THE GEORGIAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES vol.14, N2, 2020. pp. 55-60;

M. Gamtsemlidze, D. Talakhadze, R. Enageli 

"Study of a pre-enrichment technology for gold-containing polymetallic ores",  Georgian Technical University, Works, N1 (515), 2020. pp. 94-100;

O. Lanchava, N, Ilias, S.M. Radu, G.Nozadze, M.Jangidze

A system of transformable crosspieces to block harmful combustion product propagation in tunnels. ”Web-page “Association for Science”, Tbilisi, 2020;

O. Lanchava

Study of the propagation of combustion products on the models of road tunnels for various fire scenarios. ”Web-page “Association for Science”, Tbilisi, 2020;

O. Lanchava, N, Ilias, S.M. Radu, L.Makharadze, T.Kunchulia, N.Arudashvili, Z.Khokerashvili 

Analysis of the parameters of the fire modeled in a road tunnel.  ”Web-page “Association for Science”, Tbilisi, 2020;

L.Japaridze, T.Gobejishvili, M.Losaberidze, S.Demetrashvili

Comparative analysis of existing methods for calculating consequential landslide bodies of block type. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp.70-76;


Calculation of emission of dust at work of career motor transport. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp.65-70;

D.Tsverava, F.Bezhanov, S.Kvinikadze, A.Vanishvili, L.Kirthadze, G.Abashidze

Test results of polymer concrete at elevated and high temperatures and on inflammation (Flammability). "Mining Journal" N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp:58-60; 

E.Chagelishvili, B.Godibadze, A.Dgebuadze, M.Tutberidze

Production of heat-reflecting elements by explosive technology for power electronics. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp.53-58;

Z.Kuchukhidze, A.Apriashvili, G.Tkhelidze, N.Abesadze

The ways to reduce the seismic vibrations Generated by the explosion. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp. 46-53;

M.Nadirashvili, I.Varshanidze, T.Iashvili, G.Beinashvili

Mechanism of explosive processes. "Mining Journal", N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp. 41-46; 

S.steriakova, L.Leluashvili, T.Rigishvili, G.Leluashvili

Condensing anodic grounding of cathodic protection. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp.60-65; 

S.Steriakova, M.Jangidze, V.Silagadze

Development of activities of gravity hydraulic feed and regulation of cementation reactors for extraction of copper from acid water of JSC "Madneuli" career and dump pallet. Mining Journal, N1(43), Tbilisi, 2020. pp.34-41; 

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