Research Center of Engineering Developments and Design


Head of the Center – PhD Giorgi Javakhishvili

The Research Center of Engineering Developments and Design is a structural unit of the Institute and operates on the basis of its statute. The Center is comprised of 2 groups and 1 laboratory: Design Group, Engineering and Geology Research Group and Rock, Construction Material Properties and Quality Control Laboratory.

  • Preparation of the design and architecturial projects of civil, industrial and underground buildings and structures;
  • Setting design schemes of the structures and their calculation;
  • Solving the technical issues during construction of the objects;
  • The implementation of field supervision;
  • Drawing up the financial accounting documents;
  • Carrying out of measurments;
  • Deficiency acts compilation;
  • Projecting energy supply, water supply and sewagesewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for engineering constructions;
  • Making the base geodesic network and the geodesic points;
  • Finding up the geodesic points and planning the field topography;
  • Aerial survey;
  • Engineering and geological research.






  • Leica TS-09 plus Total Station.
  • Leica GS-08 plus GPS System.
  • DJI Phantom 4 PRO plus.


               Leica Flexline TS09plus Total Station            Leica GS-08 plus GPS System               DJI Phantom 4 PRO plus


Head of Center, Chief Researcher
Military engineering adviser