Rock, Construction Material Properties and Quality Control Department

Nebuli Sarjveladze


7, E. Mindeli Str.

Phone.:+(995 32) 2326182; 593 739745




1965 - 1970 - Georgian Polytechnic Institute

Professional experience record:

1969 - up to date - G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute

Selected publications:
  • Overview of the methods of manufacturing of frost-resistant concrete. Georgian engineering news, No.2, 2018. pp.47-52 (Co-authors: G.Baliashvili, E.Shapakidze);
    Characteristics of chemical admixtures for concrete. Georgian engineering news, No.2, 2018. pp.44-47 (Co-authors: G.Baliashvili, L.Tkemaladze, T.Rukhadze);
  • Investigation for improvement of the method of testing the impact resistance of concrete. Georgian engineering news, No.1 (vol. 81), 2017. Pp.38-42 (co-authors: G.Baliahvili, P.Bezhanov, B.Gotsadze);
  • Correlation Relationship between the values of uniaxial compressive strength, density and the module of elasticity of sandstone and argillite from Tbilisi region. Georgian engineering news, No.1 (vol. 81), 2017. Pp.35-37 (Co-authors: G.baliashvili, L.Tkemaladze, T.Rukhadze, V.Djgamaia);
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  • Comparison and improvement of indirect methods for establishment of the uncomfined compressive strength of hard rocks during uniaxial compression. Journal: L.P.P.L. Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Works, 2010. pp:46-50. DOI: 10.2495/FIVA080071 (co-authors: G.Baliashvili, F.Bezhanov, R.Samadashvili, L.Gurchumelia, T.Rukhadze);
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