Mining Laboratory

Nika Bochorishvili

Head of Laboratory

7, E. Mindeli Str.

Phone.:+(995 32) 2963857;




2003-2007 – Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Mining Engineer

Trainings (Workshops):
  • 23.06.2017-24.07.2015 - Human Resources Management, Training Center, Caucasus School of Bussiness, Tbilisi;
  • 2017 - High-Speed Digital Imaging Techniques Blast Impact Measurement Educational Workshop, Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, New Mexico Tech, USA


Professional experience record:

2007 - up to date - G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute

Selected publications:
  • The ipmact of water mist thickness on shock wave attenuation. World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium (WMESS), 03-07 September, 2018. Prague, Czech Republic (Co-authors: E.Mataradze, M.Chikhradze, K.Tavlalashvili,I.Akhvlediani);
  • Study of impact mine Blast on armord vehicle occupants by physical modeling. World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium (WMESS), 03-07 September, 2018. Prague, Czech Republic (Co-authors: E.Mataradze, I.Akhvlediani, N.Chikhradze);
  • Bentonite clays of Georgia and sphere of their application. Mining Journal, N2(41), Tbilisi, 2018. pp.86-90 (co-authors: G.Kapanadze, S.Demetrashvili G.Japaridze, K.Asabashvili);
  • Experimental study of the effect of water mist location on blast overpressure attenuation in a shock tube. World Multidisciplinary Earth Science Symposium (WIMESS 2017), 11-15 September, 2017. Prague, Grech Republic. (Co-authors: E.Mataradze, N.Chikhradze, D.Tatishvili);
  • On the protection of  the environment in the field andesite of Bakuriani. Mining Journal, N1(38), Tbilisi, 2017.  pp.230-231 (co-authors:T.Pirtskhalava);
  • Arsenic-important Mineral. Mining Journal, N1(38), Tbilisi, 2017. pp.57-71 (co-authors: G.Kapanadze, S.Demetrashvili, G.Japaridze);
  • Mining technical and economic analysis of Bakuriani Tsikhisjvari andesite deposit. Mining Journal, N1(36), Tbilisi, 2016. pp.120-124 (co-authors: G.Kapanadze, I.Erqomaishvili, M.Basiladze);
  • Multifunctional device for explosion detection. Proceedings of the 8th World Conference on Explosives and Blasting. Lyon, France, 2015 (co-authors: E. Mataradze, M. Chikhradze, N. Chikhradze, Sh. Marjanishvili);
  • Development of Device for Identification Explosions and Fires. Proceedings of the Signal Processing Symposium. Dobe, Poland, 2015 (co-authors: E. Mataradze, M. Chikhradze, K. Tavlalishvili, Sh. Marjanishvili);
  • Hazard analysis due to the influence of the strong fires in the road tunnels. Mining Journal, N1(32), Tbilisi, 2014. pp.89-92 (co-authors: O.Lanchava, G.Nozadze, Z.Lebanidze, N.Arudashvili);
  • Improvement of processing design methods of manganese ore layers by using the economic-mathematical modeling. Mining Journal, N2(33), Tbilisi, 2014. pp.31-34 (co-authors: E. Mataradze, T.Akhvlediani, G.Tabatadze);
  • Computer modeling of technological processes in underground mining of manganese ore. 13th SGEM GeoConference on Science and Technologies In Geology, Exploration and Mining,  SGEM2013 Conference Proceedings, 2013, Vol. 1, 349 - 356 pp (co-authors: E. Mataradze, N. Chikhradze, G. Tabatadze);
  • Study and processing of the signals generated in tunnels. Proceedings: "Signal Processing Symposium", Poland (co-authors: M. Chikhradze, E. Mataradze, Sh. Marjanishvili, I. Akhvlediani) DOI: 10.1109/SPS.2013.6623585;  
  • Analysis of technological schemes of underground mining of manganese ore by applying computer modeling" - Mining Journal, N2(29), Tbilisi, 2012. pp.20-24;
  • Designing of water mist Generator for attenuation of shock wave in Tunnels" - International conference "Design and Analysis of Protective Structures" - collection of works, Korea, 19-22 June, 2012 (co-authors: E.Mataradze, T.Krauthammer, N.Chikhradze, E.Chagelishvili, I.Akhvlediani);
  • Wireless system for explosion detection in underground structures. Photonics Applications in Communications, Industry, and High-Energy Physics Experiments, Vol. 7502, 2009 (co-authors: M.Chikhradze, I.Akhvlediani, D.Kukhalashvili, I.Kalichava, E.Mataradze) 
Participation in Scientific Grant Projects:

1. ISTC #G-2209 „Automated System for Protection from Accidental Explosions in Underground Structures“. Participating institute: Kazakh National University / Combustion Problems Institute, Kazakstan, Almaty –International Science and Technology Center – Executor (2016- 2019);
2. SPS 984595 ”Protection of Underground Structures from Fuel Cloud Explosions” - NATO Science for Peace Programme (with the Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security, University of Florida) - Executor (2014-2017);
3. SRNSF #31/82 ”Synthesis of Bulk Nanostructured Materials in Ti-Al-Ni System by Explosive Consolidation” - Shota Rustaveli National Since Foundation - Executor (2013-2016);
4. SRNSF D-13/02 „Design of Integrated Wireless System for the Detection of Accidental and Terrorist Explosions and/or Fires in Tunnels“ - Shota Rustaveli National Since Foundation - Executor - (20.12.2012 -20.12.2014).

Participation in Scientific Forums (conferences):
  • World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium, WMESS 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, September 5-9, 2016.;
  • International Conference „Modern researches and prospects of their Use in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Related Fields“, Ureki, Georgia, September 21-23, 2016. Paper: "Integrated System for Detection of Chemical Plants from Accidental Explosions and Fires";
  • The 2nd Scientific Conference: „Actual Problems of Mining and Geology“, December 11, 2015, Tbilisi, G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute. Paper: "Wireless System for Detection Accidental and Terrorist Explosions";
  • 23rd World Mining Congress (WMC), 2013 Montreal, Canada, 11-15 August, 2013. Paper: "System for Protecting People from Methane Explosion in Coal Mines";
  • 15th International Symposium on the Interaction of the Effects of Munitions with Structures (ISIEMS 15), Potsdam, Germany, 16-20 September, 2013. Paper: ”Shock Energy Absorber for Protection Underground Structure from Internal Explosions”;