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Current and Completed Projects


Shota Rustaveli National Since Foundation (SRNSF)

№ 217292 "Hybrid fibers-reinforced polymeric composites with matrix strengthened by nano, -ultra powders” - Principal Investigator G.Abashidze (2016–2019)

216968 Prevention methods development against aerosol terrorism for ventilation of Tbilisi subway“ - Principal Investigator O.Lanchava (2016-2018)

№ 217818 "Investigation of microbiologically contaminated water purification process - Principal Investigator Ts.Kurtskhalia (2016-2018)

№ DI/28/3-195/14 "Development and Fabrication of Novel Nanostructural Ta-Ag Composites by Hot Explosive Consolidation Technology" - Co-director A.Peikrishvili (17.04.2015 –17.04.2018)

№ YS15_2.2.10_101 "Dynamic consolidation of novel nanostructural W-Cu &W-Y composites and investigation of structure/property relationship of obtained billets" - Young Scientist B.Godibadze (17.12.2015 – 17.12.2017)

# FR/171/3-180/14  "Theoretical bases and technology for explosive extraction of  facing stone blocks"  - Principal Investigator E.Mataradze (2015–2017)

№ FR/342/3-180/13 "Investigation and control of the processes of the dressing of hard enriching manganese ores and coals with regard to additional values" - Principal Investigator  G.Javakhishvili (10.04.2014-10.04.2017 )

№ YS/36/11-811/15 "Hot Explosive Shock Wave Fabrication of Superconductive MgB2  Composite Cylindrical Billets and Structure/properties Investigation" - Young Scientist B.Godibadze (01.02.201601.08.2016).

№ FR/354/3-180/13 “Study and control  enriching of copper-gold containing  poor and finely impregnated ores with regard to additional controlling parameters“ - Principal Investigator M.Gamtsemlidze (10.04.2014–10.04.2016)

AR/62/3-180/14 "Fabrication of industrial explosives based on gunpowders disengaged in result of utilization of out-to-date military weapon and solid rocket propellant" (2015–2016).

31/82 ”Synthesis of Bulk Nanostructured Materials in Ti-Al-Ni System by Explosive Consolidation” (2013-2016)

№D-13/02 Design of Integrated Wireless System for the Detection of Accidental and Terrorist Explosions and/or Fires in Tunnels (2012 -2015)

№ 11/23 "Development of highly effective electro-membrane technology of removing concentrating and  utilizing heavy metals from wastewaters of galvanic production. Creation of appropriate experimental equipment" (26.03.2012-26.03.2015)

№ 41/08 "Blastmate III” - vibration (seismic) and overpressure monitor" (12.12.2013-12.12.2014)

 31/78 "Development of Novel Self-lubricating, Anti-frictional Materials Based on Cu-C Graphite Compositions” (24.04.2013-24.10.2014)                                              

04/03 "Fabrication Ta-Al New Intermetalic Composition Billets By Hot Shock-Wave (HSW)   & High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) and Investigation Their Properties". (1.04.2013-27.06.2013)

SRNSF 12/21 "Fabrication nanostructural Ag-W Composites by Hot Shock wave Consolidation Technology" (12.11.2012-12.11.2013)

SRNSF 11/23 "Development of highly effective electro-membrane technology of removing concentrating and utilizing heavy metals from wastewaters of galvanic production. Creation of appropriate experimental equipment" (26.03.2012-26.03.2015)


Georgian National Since Foundation (GNSF)

GNSF №599/07 “Fabrication of Radiation Absorption Composite Materials by Shock Wave Compaction Technology” (2010-2012)

GNSF №799/07 “Development and Research of Multifunctional Suspension Cableway Installation” (2010-2012)

SRNSF №1–7/61 (GNSF №409/07) "Elaboration of intensive model for assimilation of Tkibuli-Shaori coal deposit and on this basis on Tkibuli coal resources the determination of optimal parameters of modern complex: “Mine-thermal power station” and advisability of complex economic efficiency for providing Georgia power safety" (2010-2011)

GNSF №171/07 "Establishment of seismic safe parameters of industrial explosions and development of computer program for their calculation" (2009–2011)

GNSF №611/07 "Automated System for Protecting People from Methane Explosion in Coal Mines" (2009–2011)

GNSF №392/17 "Research and control of the processes of enrichment of tails and sludges of  manganese ore considering an additional parameters" (2009–2010) 

GNSF №747/07 "Development and test of the computer modeling and  calculation

software of the cable-ways and other similar sparse cable-rod structures" (2009)

GNSF/ST 07/7.184 "Elaboration of non-halogen, non–toxic, mineral composite fire – extinguishing powders" (2008-2009)

GNSF/ST 07/7.243 "Creation of  Evacuation System Experimental Model and Experimental research"(2008)



Georgian National Since Foundation (GNSF) &

Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)


GNSF/STCU 4996 "Fabrication of Si-Ge-Nanostructure Alloys by Explosive-Compaction-Technology and Development of Energy-Efficient Thermoelectric Batteries on their Base" (2009-2011)






U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF)

Georgian National Since Foundation (GNSF)

Georgian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF)

CRDF, GNSF & GRDF BPG#03/09 "Fabrication of Bimetallic Electrical Contacts for the Anode Grounders by the Method of Explosion Welding" (2009)

CRDF, GNSF & GRDF BPG#06/09 "Development of Technology of Industrial Explosives on the Base of Utilized Ammunition" (2009)



Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) & U.S Department of Energy


STCU/DOE P552Fabrication of novel nanostructural Cu-Ta and Ag-Ta composites with improved electronic and strength properties" - Participating Institution Manager E.Chagelishvili (2013-2015)

STCU/DOE P506 "Development of Novel Multilayer Cylindrical Container for Storage Nuclear Waste and Nuclear Fuel" - Participating Institution Manager E.Chagelishvili (1.03.2013-1.03.2015)

STCU P446 "Fabrication novel nanostructural Cu-W compositions with improved eletronic properties" - Participating Institution Manager E.Chagelishvili (1.10.2010-1.10.2011)


Science & Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)

STCU 4455 "Elaboration of technology and experimental device for obtaining drinking water from hydrogen sulphide natural water" - Manager T.Kurtskhalia (07.10.2008-01.10.2010)

STCU  3631 "Advanced low wind speed small turbine with adaptive aeroelastic blades made of composite high-modulus" - Manager N.Chikhradze (2006-2008)


UK-RF Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership

CIS/10/0006/CNTR "Technologic complex of basalt fibre and composite products manufacturing"  (2009-2011)

CIS/10/0004/CNTR "Development of Industrial Technology and Fabrication of Bimetallic Products by Explosion Welding" - Manager E.Chagelishvili (2009-2011)

NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme 

NATO SPS 984595 Protection of Underground Structures from Fuel Cloud Explosions - Co-director N.Chikhradze (July, 2014 - July, 2017)

NATO SfP 980981 "System for Protecting People and Underground Facilities from Internal Terrorist Explosion" - Co-director N.Chikhradze (20.07.2005-1.12.2010)


The International Science and Technology Center

ISTC № G-2209  "System for Protection from Explosions" (2016–2019)
ISTC A-2123 "Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of W-CU Composite Nanomaterials" - Sub-manager B.Godibadze (2015-2016)

ISTC  G-1096 "Industrial Explosives on the Basis of Utilized Ammunition" (01.10.2004-2007)

ISTC  G-762 "Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties" (2003-2006)

ISTC  G-136 "Shock-Wave Technology for Antifrictional Coatings" (1999-2001)


U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF)

CRDF N GER2-1041-TB-04 "Upgrade of the Available Equipment, Software, and Methods of Research" (June 1, 2005)

CRDF  GE2-2532-TB-03 "Novel Materials Fabrication from Nanocrystalline W-Cu Powders" (1.12.2003-2005)

CRDF  GG2-2483-TB-02 "Protecting People from Terrorist Explosions in Underground Structures" ( July 1, 2003)

CRDF GEB1-4022-TB-07 ”Development of Technology for Production of Nonexplosive destroying Agents on the Basis of Georgian Raw Materials” - Principal Investigator E.Mataradze

CRDF RESC 06-3 "Provide Equipment and Training Support for the Institute of Mining Mechanics, Academy of Science of Georgia" (February 1, 1997)


Georgian Research & Development Foundation (GRDF)

GRDF BPG 06/07 "Production of rubber based materials for underground constructions" (2006)


International Association for the promotion of co-operation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union  

INTAS-1997-00590 "Production of high density, high hardness B4C and Boron contained materials" (1999-2001)

Eurasia Foundation

"Establishing Association of small Mining Enterprise of Georgia”  (2000) 


Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States"programme (TACIS)

"Development of Energy Policy of Georgia”  (1996)


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